Protest for Gaza: End the Massacre!

  • Thursday, April 12
  • 4:00pm - 6:00pm
  • Office of Rep. Jimmy Panetta
  • 100 W. Alisal Street
  • Salinas, CA 

Twenty-nine Palestinians were killed by Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank and Gaza Strip during the month of March and April.

Eighteen Palestinians were fatally injured on March 30, which saw the greatest number of Palestinian fatalities at the hands of occupation forces in a single day since Israel’s massive assault on the Gaza Strip in summer 2014.

Fourteen protesters were killed that day as occupation snipers opened fire on a mass demonstration held at various points along Gaza’s eastern boundary with in what Palestinian human rights group Al-Haq described as “a calculated, unnecessary, disproportionate and indiscriminate use of lethal force.”

On March 26, Rep. Jimmy Panetta andother House Democrats travelled to Israel and met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu tweeted that night that he’d had an “excellent meeting” with the congresspeople.

At that time, Israel was already planning to shoot Palestinians in Gaza at the Land Day demonstration on Friday: “dozens of snipers will be deployed along the Gaza border,” the army announced that same day.

Rep. Jimmy Panetta has been an ardent supporter of the Israeli government and its policies of apartheid and settler colonialism. This was Rep. Panetta's second trip to Israel since taking office in January 2017.

Join us in calling on Rep. Panetta to support a comprehensive military embargo on Israel, an end to military aid and weapons exports to Israel, an end to the transfer of weapons and military technology to and from Israel, and an end to all forms of military aid and research cooperation with Israel.


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